Cracked the Code

Can’t shake the idea that antique stores are just a retail version of your grandmother’s attic? Uncommon Objects has cracked the code for taking antique shops from clutter shacks to cool: Everything on the floor, and the walls, and dangling from the ceiling, is tempting, whether it’s undeniably hip or just undeniably fascinating. (Stuffed rattlesnake, anyone?)
- GQ, 2013

Quirky Souvenirs

Quirky souvenirs, like a duck decoy or antique beaver top hat, abound at Uncommon Objects, a sprawling emporium with a flea market aesthetic.
- New York Times, 2009

Best Treasure Trove

Best Treasure Trove: Uncommon Objects, for vintage Mexican religious objects, jade Buddhas, cuff links, 20's Parisian cigarette cases.
-Harper's Bazaar, 1997

Roaming the Alcoves

You can spend hours roaming alcoves of vintage dresses, framed Joan Crawford movie posters, and antique jewelry at Uncommon Objects. Discover a 1910 rosewood-key xylophone next to a train transformer and an old electric guitar, or hunt for the souvenir baby spoon that complements your collection.
- Texas Monthly, 2005

American Weirdness

It is as if some guiding intelligence picked only the very best and strangest items from Austin’s citywide garage sale and put them in one place.{…}the contents uniformly celebrate homemade American ingenuity and weirdness.
-Tribeza, 2007

The Mundane & Grotesque

It’s 360 degrees, everything can be an art material…even the mundane and grotesque.
-Brilliant, 2005

Chic SoCo Style

Gorgeous antiquities of every conceivable form and function can be had at this venerable establishment. Uncommon Objects takes a whimsical but sophisticated approach to collecting. Uncommon: an integral part of the chic SoCo style.
-Austin Chronicle, 2000

Fascinating Loot

Cool displays of quirky oddities inspire hours of browsing at this SoCo destination, a conglomeration of vintage and antiques dealers offering tons of treasures, from midcentury furniture to taxidermy, mysterious gadgets to fantastic jewelry - indeed, it's part hoarder's paradise, part museum; the staff is friendly, and while prices can get expensive, with so much fascinating loot, no one leaves empty-handed.
- Zagat, 2014

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