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Hello uncommon FRIENDS!

     As you can see we’ve updated the website with some awesome new content! We want our friends and fans around the world to be able to share the excitement we get from all things unique and beautiful. We hope our new look reflects the textures, colors and energy that we hold dear.
     And with that redesign comes our new logo which centers on the shaking hands symbol. In today’s post we want to give you some general history on this iconic image and tell you how we connect with it.
     The handshake is one of the most powerful gestures in the world. It’s been used throughout history to unite, divide, seal deals and broker peace. Shaking hands as a greeting or to seal a contract has been done since the second century BC. Originally the gesture demonstrated that the hand holds no weapon, and is a symbol of good sportsmanship, equality, and trust. Shaking the right hands sealed a bargain, but it was important not to use the left as that hand would dissolve it. It’s no surprise that the gesture has been turned into a meaningful symbol used in great art throughout history.
     Perhaps what we connect with most is the handshake used as a symbol. Carved from wood, cast in metal, shaped into ceramic, presevered in plaster, printed in books and painted on banners, we find the shaking hands represented though many incredible mediums, each carrying its own sort of strength and mystery.
     The mystery of the shaking hands is often attributed to secret societies throughout history who clasped hands to communicate without words. A handshake could identify you as part of a group or send a message. The Freemason Society is one of the most well-known and longstanding implementations of secret handshakes. They have at least twelve known universal secret handshakes that were implemented in their society, however, there are believed to be many more. The Freemasons use their set of unique greetings to not only identify members of the society, but also to identity the different levels, classes, or castes of people within the societies. We often see it in Society books or banners, beautifully printed or hand painted.
     For us, as for the rest of the world, the symbol of shaking hands means many things. We connect with its age and mystery. We admire it’s tangible strength. And most importantly the shaking hands has inspired people from different times and cultures to create art, preserving the symbol as an object for us to enjoy for years to come.

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