I See Stars

Historically, stars have been revered and studied by civilizations throughout the world.They have played a major role in religious practices, celestial navigation and art. Massive luminous spheres of self contained plasma peppered across our night skies are hard to miss and its no wonder why they have won themselves a starring role in so many parts of our society. Over the years, the most prominent stars were grouped into constellations and the brightest were given proper names, a practice that has been mirrored by people throughout time, recognizing the strongest and brightest among us as unique and special.

The Sun itself is a star and has been perceived as a goddess, muse and point of worship throughout history for the important role it plays in our lives on Earth. For these and countless other reasons stars have been represented in art and object form for thousands of years. The oldest dated star chart appeared in ancient Egyptian astronomy in 1534 BC. We see them everyday in advertisements and paintings, on awards, textiles and flags, in books, movies and more.

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We’re lucky enough to encounter objects from all different points in history in our everyday work. It only took a few turns around uncommon OBJECTS to find a great handful of star inspired goods. The images in this post only scratch the surface of star related art in our world. We hope you can visit soon and search for your own shining treasures!

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