Bryan Costello

Here’s hoping our new blog post finds you well. Here is our next staff/vendor profile…please welcome Bryan Costello!


Please state your name and what you do at uncommon OBJECTS.

Hello! My name is BC and I am an antique dealer and associate at uncommon OBJECTS.

What started your interest in antiques and/or collecting? Is there anything in particular that you collect?

I’m not sure what started my interest in collecting other than the basic attraction to great colors and textures. The way a single piece of art or a small group of objects can change the way an entire room feels has always been amazing to me. I like to collect small things like bits of amethyst and tiny picture frames. Recently I’ve had an eye out for great thin and narrow bracelets. I like the idea of little objects, things for yourself, and how they can feel secret and hidden. As a kid I had a collection of tiny pewter castles I would arrange behind some tall books on the shelf next to my bed.

Can you tell us about your favorite item in the shop currently and why it is your favorite?


The shop is always full of fantastic things. Recently a few of us have started to play ‘whats my favorite thing today’ as we walk the aisles. Lately I’ve been into a couple of medical model hearts. One in particular belonging to another vendor, Staci Schwantz, has a really dramatic shape and vivid colors. It’s striking in a way that made me picture it in my own chest. A strange little detail about this piece is the paper label attached to the base reading Schildkr√∂te, German, for turtle. It can be really interesting to pick one symbol like the heart, walk through the shop, and see it take different forms; a medical model, a painting of the Sacred Heart, a sterling charm.

Thanks Bryan!

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Le Petit Phantom
November 2012